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Color coordinating food-kids edition

Happy freaking Friday!!! Instead of my usual Festive Friday posts, I'm talking today about FOOD! More specifically making food fun!  I pack Jordan's lunch every day for school (Luke's is provided at daycare---thankfully).  To tell you the truth, I sort of dread packing lunches.  It's SO hard for me to figure out what to pack, how to balance what she likes with what's good for her yada yada yada.

I know I'm not a food genius here or the first to think of this but Jordan loves when I try and color coordinate her food.  Here's an example of a few lunches I'll do on any given day:

-Purple carrots (taste better than they look ;) with a little hummus
-Whole wheat toast with a little jam

Veggie Chips
Avocado Toast

All super easy options!  And in case you doubted that I'd get in on the action--I've been super into smoothie bowls as of late--where have they been all my life!?

Smoothie bowl:
Frozen bananas
Frozen beets
Dragon fruit
Chia seeds

Bonus that the kids really love them and they are SO pretty to look at---don't you love that food can both healthy AND nice to look at??

What kinds of food are you feeding your kids these days? (ps i'm all about short cuts too--we have Annie's mac n cheese at least once or twice a week;)

Smile! It's FRIDAY!!

Jaimee Lynne

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