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kids + sleep


I have an almost  3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old.  Both used to sleep like a dream...one still does.  For the past month straight, Jordan has been a little stinker when it comes to sleep!  We do the same routine every.single.night.  It looks something like this:

7:00-upstairs for a bath
7:20ish-brush teeth, use the bathroom
7:45-lights out.

This has worked WONDERS for her.  She has always stayed in her bed unless it's to use the bathroom.  We have a jack and jill bathroom and she's able to just open the door, use the bathroom, and then go right back to sleep.  I'm wondering if the hang up was all the instability with the holidays and Disney?  Those late nights, extra sugar and the 'free for all' that comes with the season.

Our nights usually start out great, we get home around 4:30/5 and we play for a bit then I start dinner.  After dinner she usually just plays solo and then when we take Lukie up for bed around 6:30, she gets to watch a show or part of a movie to wind down.  The issues come up after we read books.  We kiss her goodnight, close the door, and IMMEDIATELY she is up again.  She laughs, runs around, says she has a question to ask, says she needs to use the potty, etc.  Basically, we run the gamut of excuses before I really have to get stern.  Last night she held out until 9:45...which was basically my entire night so I'm just frustrated and exhausted!  

We have this alarm clock in her room.  Since she can't tell time, the light on this turns green and she's allowed to get up.  Problem is, for the last month, she just ignores this too! I'm not above bribery but maybe it should be something tangible that she can see but not have until she has consecutive nights with good behavior?  We have tried a baby gate (climbs over it), yelling, not yelling, taking away things...all do not work on my little willful daughter.  

Please, someone tell me this is a phase!?  Does anyone have any advice!?


Jaimee Lynne


  1. Have you tried putting the knobs on the doors so they can't open it combined with a monitor you can speak into and tell her to go to bed? My cousin does that. We have the same alarm. Mason doesn't get it yet. Lol

  2. She can open all doors and I don’t want her to feel trapped! I also speak into the monitor...I’ve tried it all, lol. The alarm really works well for her, she used to say “ The light is green now!”,but it’s no longer working ...gah!!