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How I Organize clothes in the kids bedrooms

Monday Morning! (woof!)  Today I bring you a few ways that are helpful for me of storing clothing and/or my kids accessories.  Organization alleviates a multitude of things for me but the first being, it saves me time trying to search for things!  With both kiddos, I use these clothing bins from IKEA.  Not only are they inexpensive( & come in purple as well), but they fit most drawers nicely.  Folded clothing fits SO nicely into these little babies!  I usually save the top drawer for pajamas, socks, undies/tights and keep a small bin for any random socks that lose their mates (why is it SO hard to keep track of socks!?)

The next few drawers in their dressers are full of tops, sweaters and pants.  I try to keep all shirts together, pants, etc.  Anything that is too big for them or something that they will grow into, I save for the last drawer and put in a bin.  I also usually separate out the holiday wear into it's own bin as well.  Since Jordan is so little, she usually fits into holiday shirts/sweatshirts for more than one season, so I'm reluctant to pack this stuff away.

For the closet, Jordan has an open concept closet.  Her room (as well as Luke's) are both suuuper duper tiny so we have to be creative with how we use space.  When we moved in, we took out the bifold closet doors to add more space and dimension to the room.  We installed an IKEA Billy bookcase  and added a few adjustable closet rods to hold her dresses and things needing to be hung up.  As she grows, this won't always be functional but for now, the bookcase cost us around $60.00 and is also a nice focal point to decorate and use as an actual bookshelf (which we do!).

I may have gone a little overboard with color coordinating (it didn't take up too much time) but with an "open" closet, you can't just stuff things in and shut the door!  For accessories, I store most of Jordan's bows & hair things in a glass container that sits out on her dresser.  For Luke's hats, I place them on display on top of HIS rocket bookshelf.

The moral of this story is, the more organized you are, the easier your life will be.  I take a half day from work every now and again and just spend time going through both rooms and pulling clothing they have outgrown or rearranging things so that they are purposeful.

If your New Years resolution was to be more organized, I hope that I've helped a bit with this!  Any questions, feel free to ask!

Jaimee Lynne

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