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a laundry room update

It's been a while since I've updated you on the laundry room progress!!  It's always slow going around here with home reno stuff, with babies and life and money, sometimes you just have to take things in stages!!  Over the holidays we put up the IKEA cabinets! Not sure that they will stay there as the room is quite narrow but for now it's super convenient  to reach things!  It sure beats when we moved in and the laundry room looked like this:

Please forgive the quality!
I was sort of pumped at the fact the house (while it has good bones and a more traditional layout) needed some tlc-in the way of painting every room, tiling, etc.  We looked at loads of houses where the bathrooms/bedrooms/kitchens had been renovated, but then why tear all that down only to redo it according to your style preference later??  We did what we could at first with paint (which changes a room like you wouldn't believe) but our rooms were craving a more finished look.

I fell in love with this inspiration picture on Pinterest by Vintage Revivals, that matte black tile from Home Depot just spoke to me!!

We will be doing the same with a dark charcoal grout that will look seamless with the tile.  We used the majority of our Christmas money (thanks parents) to special order these tiles.   I'm still trying to work out a plan that hides our washer lines and cut a hole to recess our dryer hose (dad & Star, are you reading this?  I need your help! ;)  but once the tile and trim are installed, it will feel like a whole new room!  Here's where we are today:

Paint color: Benjamin Moore White Dove // Hardware: Rejuvenation

So, our to do list:

Get rid of hideous fluorescent lighting & install pretty flush mount
Install Ikea cabinets
Install flooring
Move washer lines down
Recess dryer hose
Install wood countertop
Install tall pantry to the left of the room (I'm thinking this dark one from Brittany Makes blog)
Add a rug & decor

Hopefully we can wrap this up in a few months (yes, you read that right--months ;)  But that's ok, we are in no real rush and I'd rather take our time and turn it into something great and above all functional.  Keep checking in and I'll keep updating!

Jaimee Lynne

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