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festive friday 4.0

Happy Friday!! Today I'm off and taking care of some much needed cleaning and hang time with my hubby (which is a rarity these days---and so awesome!)  I'll keep this to the point.  I've been lax over the holidays with my Festive Friday posts but we are back!!

Some things I've been eyeing this week....!

  • I'll do a valentines day post but I just snagged this for my little man--little heart breaker that he is !

  • We are in process of mapping out the next 6 months of our lives--travel wise.  We plan on (hopefully) taking a trip down to Los Angeles to visit family and I'm dying to get my hands on tickets to the museum of ice-cream!  It literally looks so much fun!
image courtesy of the museum of ice-cream facebook page

  • We are planning on baking/cooking a lot this week so we have healthy snacks on hand in the coming weeks.  On the list??  Spinach-Banana muffins (I use this recipe) , Green smoothies & some more recipes from pinchofyum.com (this is the BEST site for recipes)

  • I've been eyeing some baby stuff (no, I'm not pregnant!) but my sister is!  I'm thinking of grabbing some of these swaddle security blankets (Lukie loves them) and they are SO soft.  I love this print and this for boys.
Last but not least,  I just downloaded the Calm app on my phone.  Ever just need a few seconds to just "be" in the world, without distractions or interruptions.  This app is nice and reminds me that I'd like to practice how to meditate more frequently.

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!

Jaimee Lynne

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